University of Toronto Photo Upload System


Your TCard validates your identity, gives you access to spaces on campus, and allows entrance to your exams.
Please submit a colour photo that shows your head and shoulders clearly.

By submitting this photo for your TCard, you agree to the TCard Terms and Conditions, and you agree to present the required identity and legal status documentation in order to pick-up the card. Contact TCard Services if you have questions about this policy at

Once your photo meets the submission requirements, click Submit MyPhoto Now.

Step 1 – Take A Selfie Or Have Someone Take Your Picture
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Your TCard will act as your official ID on campus, so make sure it resembles the sample acceptable photos and meets the criteria below.

Sample Acceptable Photos

  • Take the photo against a white background
  • Make sure your head is centred and eyes are looking into the camera
  • Submit a colour photo
  • Accurately represent your current appearance*
  • Submit a photo with a minimum of 300 x 370 pixels at 300 dpi, in a JPEG format with a maximum size of 6 MB

Not Acceptable photos

  • Poor

  • Face/Head
    Not Squared

  • Sunglasses
    objects worn

  • Poor lighting-shadow
    on face

  • Busy

  • Digitally alter your photo or use any filters*
  • Use a scanned picture or a picture of a picture
  • Use social media photos
  • Include objects (hats/sunglasses) or other people

*A replacement fee may apply if the TCard must be re-printed due to photo not being an accurate representation of your current appearance.

Have a look at more examples of acceptable and unacceptable photos.

Step 2- Upload Your Photo
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1. Verify your name is correct* and choose a location where you’ll pick up your TCard

2. Do not submit your photo if your name listed above is incorrect or misspelled*. Your legal documentation must match your name in the University’s records. Contact or visit our FAQs for more information.

3. Then, click on Choose File to select your photo.

* Long/extended names may get shortened. If your name(s) is longer than 40 characters and you want to change the way it would be displayed on your TCard, you must contact TCard Services before submitting your photo.

STEP 3- Edit Your Photo
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Once your photo has been uploaded, you may use the cropping tool provided.

You may also choose to upload a different photo by selecting Change photo.

STEP 4- Preview Your Photo
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Preview and compare your photo with the sample card provided. Check all items in the Checklist and then Submit My Photo Now. Or, select NO, to submit another photo.


  • My colour photo has a white background.
  • My photo has not been altered and is an accurate representation of my current appearance.
  • I understand that I must present government-issued documentation to validate my identity and legal status in Canada in order to pick up my TCard. (Learn more about the documentation requirements.)

Terms Of Use:

  • I confirm that the information provided is correct and the photo I am uploading is an accurate representation of my current appearance. I understand that the photo may become part of my official record and can be used by the University of Toronto for official purposes.
Step 5-Finalize
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If your photo is uploaded successfully, a confirmation message will appear on this page. Within 24-48 hours, you will receive an email indicating whether your photo was accepted or rejected by TCard Services.

You can return to check the status of your photo submission or review your pick-up location at any time.